The company was founded in 2004, but we deal with wicker for more than 20 years.


We have started with small products, as we were gaining experience we commenced the production of wicker furniture and artwork. Today, we specialise different wicker products, e.g. armchairs, sofas, garden furniture, wicker fences for individual orders, wicker coffins and many others, but also artwork, interior design and other products for individual orders.
Execute orders on an ongoing basis and as we conclude we do not have many products in stock and we do not make stocks. 
For products in our company have to wait. It is a nuisance, but we accept orders for execution you have a guarantee that you will receive a good quality product and on time.

This year we entered a different type of use of willow - willow fences to perform this type of fence could have a lot of satisfaction because we have seen clearly how the 
environment after the takieg fence. Design and execution of such a fence, always discuss with the investor presenting our proposals, while listening to the client as to his 
expectations. Our products reach the domestic market and to European Union countries. We are characterized by conscientiousness, good quality, timeliness. 
We can make any product made ​​of willow. In 2002-2006, we participated in actions to promote the city and willow, willow, such as pedestrian, band shell wrapped willow, 
wickerwork open air, or even participated in the construction of the world's largest willow basket. The company also sponsors various projects of willow and weave.
Often, we support school activities by providing free products for party supply various projects these financial institutions.